Impression (2021)

by Jesper Thiemer, Matias Gaarde

Impression was an installation my fellow students and good friend Jesper Thiemer and I made outside our study. We exhibited the work in Mølleparken in Aarhus in connection with P224’s exhibition Celcius. The visual and thematic expressions were inspired by the monolith from the 2001 film: A Space Odyssey.
The work consisted of two monoliths, respectively 2.4 and 1.2 meters tall. The skeletons were built of wood and they were then clad in black fabric. Inside each monolith hung a surface-mounted speaker mounted on a metal plate and a microphone. In addition, there was a plate with contact microphones just below the fabric in both of them that activated the speaker. We had already made 12 sounds that both monoliths could play when activated. If they had been standing without being activated for a while, they started making sounds themselves, first one monolith, then the other. That way, they “talked” with each other. In addition, they recorded for a few seconds each time they were activated so that they could replace the old sounds with new ones and thereby get a new “language”.
The purpose of the work was to see if humans could personify two strange, alien monoliths. They were meant to seem like unknown, perhaps scary technology, but still have a form of personality and their own lives.